About Synbio.id


We initiated Synbio.id in late 2019. Our goals were to gather all synthetic biology enthusiasts from Indonesia and be the first scientific community which connect all inter/multidisciplinary subjects in bio-related fields. We started our activity with the first synthetic biology and bioinformatics in Indonesia. This started our journey until today.

Now, we have teams consist of founder (Alfi, Aulia, Farhan, Nurul and Sanka), advisory team, and executive committee. Our team is spread and has been apart since this initiative starts. Fun fact, the founders never meet in a full team! :D

Moreover, we have some activities, including: BIOS 2022, SBS 2022, SynbioIDTalk, SynbioIDMOOC, Journal Club, SynBioIDBlogs, SynBioIDNetwork and etc. We have amazing team and can't wait to introduce Synthetic Biology and related fields in Indonesia or abroad!