BIOS 2022


BIOS competition is open for graduate and undergraduate students. This competition welcomes individual participant and team to propose solutions for local or global issues through bioinformatics and synthetic biology. Participants can use DNA, RNA, and protein as building block to design a system for any useful biological prototype that will tackle the proposed issue by the participants. The selected projects will be competed in the BIOS Show Case.


Guideline for the competition, click HERE!

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  • What kind of information which needs to be included in the abstract?
    You can add the overview of your project, such as background/introduction in brief, purpose of your research up to methods. No results are needed during this stage.
  • How many people that are needed to compose a team? Is it has to be 5? Can I join individually?
    Yes, of course! You can join it alone. However, if you want to join as a team, you need to bring or find friends up to 4 students in a team (so, it would be 5 including you).
  • Can we change the idea/ abstract during the competition?
    We are not stopping you to develop your creative ideas!! We know that you are super creative, just let us know!
  • Can we get a team member from another faculty/ university?
    One of our motto is collaborative action, so, go on! Bring your friends or even find new friends to this competition. However, don't forget about the team member limit and our topic is limited to synthetic biology and bioinformatics. Therefore, compose your time wisely and make sure that you have made a strong team to compete with!
  • How much do the teams have to pay after proceeding to the next stage?
    Registration is free, so you can register your team/ idea/ research as many as you want. However, you have to pay for Rp. 250.000,- if you make to the next stage. If you proceed to the last stage, there is no registration for the team anymore (free).
  • Why participants have to select their trackt or sub theme in BIOS2022?
    The reason why we put track selection is to help participants to find ideas. This will help participant to develop and define their ideas. This of course can change over-time. Again, we will not stop you to be creative. We just want you to prepare the possibility in a bigger view. This can be quite open and can be revised during the competition.
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The competition is supported by INBIO Indonesia.